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cheap hires monitor to match the highend cpu/gpu computer?


well if you have to check hires video looks ok afterwards with hires monitor or in my case very hires render+2D postwork for bit A0 poster to check if its ok before send it to print or while working on it
big HD tv connected is good to have when work with graphics,alternative is two monitors,the bigger monitor has workarea,the smaller all kinds of toolbars
so good to have monitors that match the highend Xeon computers

Converters seem very cheap way to use monitors / TVs you already have
Searched for use find converters on a site,to use  Big monitor as secondary monitor on newer computer which only have extra Hdmi out
And I found some new usb-c to different monitor interface, do your mobos have usb-c?  And some new version of cable/ interface capable of bandwidth / current to use one cable to two monitors
I also looked at 170hz gaming monitor

Bought hdmi-> dvi converter and started to use old 24 inch monitor with laptop
and now I can read on screen without need of reading glasses
+ wireless keyboard / mouse in front of it can be used same as main monitor


With video output from a computer, the action is mainly in the video card and while you can pay a fortune for high end video cards, it would seem that the only differences are in test software that tries to determine frame rates on a game by game basis.

If you are into very high end gaming you may find some advantage in high frequency monitors that are large like 32 inch or bigger but you also need some high end grunt that is fast enough in the CPU department, late model Intel or AMD CPUs which can sustain high clock rates if they have enough cooling.

My main dev box is 5 years old and it still has its 4 gig Nvidia 960 video card as it has done everything I have ever pointed at it. The later boxes I have built have 8 gig Radeon RX 580 video cards which perform well.

CPU wise, I have two 5820k i7's and two Xeon E5-2690v3,s but its mainly because I need to be able to thrash the guts out of them processing video where industrial style processing and appropriate cooling solutions are the main advantage.

Gaming computers tend to have fewer cores but cores that run faster, some up near 5 gig and the results depend very much on the way the games were coded.

Have you tried special switch set one monitor /keyboard /mouse connected to several computers,just switch between which computer you want to currently control,while for example the other Is busy processing video?

Noticed with connected smartphone I get Bluetooth caps


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