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Timer code for running external synchronous code.

Started by hutch--, October 17, 2020, 02:09:17 PM

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My original use for this app was to run batch files full of ffmpeg command lines and it performs the task properly but it is not limited to just this task. If you have an application that runs synchronously that you wish to time, this app may be useful to you.

It is a simple window that starts another thread, passes the input file from the command line to it then continues to time the thread until it terminates. It then stops the timer and displays the absolute millisecond duration. The display is reasonably accurate but the final millisecond duration is within 16 ms for the entire duration of the timing.

It is not designed for algorithm testing but for processes that take from seconds to minutes duration. The general drift is to use it on an application that starts, runs and importantly, terminates. You should not use it with asynchronous tasks as you do not get the termination that is needed to stop the timer.

This is the video showing the 64 bit version of the timer.    :biggrin:  :skrewy:


I have updated the video uses the 64 bit version in the Atermiter board project.    :biggrin:  :skrewy: