Problem when trying to write decimal inside a recursive function

Started by HarryBao, November 04, 2020, 06:23:25 PM

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Hello everyone, can you help me with this particular problem I'm facing when I try to write decimal inside of a recursive function? Here's the code, and the function basically calculates the sum of an input integer up to and including that number using recursive calls.

prompt byte "Please enter a number: ",0
text1 byte "Just entered, about to calculate sum using ",0
number dword ?
main PROC
    mov edx, offset prompt
    call WriteString
    call ReadInt
    mov number,eax
    mov ecx,number
    mov eax,0 
    call CalcSum
    call WriteDec
    call Crlf
main ENDP

CalcSum PROC

    cmp ecx, 0
    jz L2
    add eax,ecx
    dec ecx
    call Calcsum
Calcsum ENDP
END main

What I'm stuck on is that every time the recursive function is called, 2 sets of messages will pop up, saying:
"Just entered, about to calculate sum using xxx" where xxx is the value it received and "About to return yyy as my answer for xxx" where xxx is again what it received and yyy is what it calculated. For example, if the input number is 2. I want the message to show:
"Just entered, about to calculate sum using 2"
"About to return 1 as my answer for 2"
"Just entered, about to calculate sum using 1"
"About to return 3 as my answer for 1"
In conclusion, I don't know how to save the number values after each changed so that they are saved every time a recursive function is called to be output onto the screen. By the way, using functions inside of the Irvine library would be great! Thank you for your time and consideration!


Simply loop within your CalcSum procedure:
CalcSum PROC
    add eax,ecx
    dec ecx
    jnz L0
CalcSum ENDP

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