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fixed point math ??? implementation with assembly , 3D graphics projection , 2D

Started by iudestination0, November 20, 2020, 03:21:32 AM

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hi guys! brand new to MASM, although I am learning MARS MIPS & C89 in conjunction,
would you guys have some books, or some good tutorials to FPM [fixed point math]? learning assm is because I want to learn to program games for a mips editor thats for the PS1.
would like to project 3D graphics , 2D sprites and what not.  although it's probably not easy , im still looking for a challenge.  any book or video related to the topics above , would be appreciated!!! :thumbsup:


Hi iudestination0,

Welcome to the Forum :thup:

I am not aware of any books on fixed point math, but the principle is very simple: multiply your floats with 100 to get two digits after the comma, then do the math with the resulting integers. Afterwards, divide the result by 100, 10000, 1000000 etc depending on the operations performed.

A concrete example of your numbers and calculations would be helpful.


Fpr whatever it may be worth, you may want to have a look at the following (it could be what you are looking for):
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