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New search mode "not full word"
« on: December 18, 2020, 11:04:57 AM »
The latest version of MasmBasic features (among other improvements) a new search mode for the RichMasm editor: find matches that are not full words

For example, one might want to search for variable names that contain the letters mov like e.g. movFirst, movLast, mov32 - difficult in a source that has thousands of mov eax, ... instructions. In not full word mode, all these ordinary mov instructions will be skipped, and the remaining mov* variable names become visible. It can be combined with case-insensitive search mode.

The new mode was possible thanks to an improvement of the Instr_([startpos, ]haystack, needle[, mode]) macro. Modes available are now:
0   case-sensitive (default)
1   case-insensitive (NaMe=nAmE)
2   case-insensitive for first letter (Name==name)
4   full word
20 not full word

In RichMasm, the new mode is accessible by clicking twice into the FW box above the bookmarks, as shown below: