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Try to search old masm lib (WALK32)

Started by morgot, February 07, 2021, 01:52:53 AM

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in one old book I found masm lib "WALK_32", but all links are dead. Maybe somebody have it?

Author is Sven B. Schreiber, on the internet there are only references, in the web archive everything is deleted.
QuoteThese files appear to be a mirror of the assembly-related files
distributed on FidoNet by PDN.  There is one that is a must if you want
to write ASM WinNT and Win95 applications.  It is  Walk32
is a complete app and dll development kit with linker and includes
files, libraries, tools, and many samples.  MASM 6.x required.
Sorry for the bad English


I found it here.
Thread may be closed.
Sorry for the bad English