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I think adding an option to the UASM package to create import libraries should be possible. What about creating 32-bit import libraries from module definition files? The .def file can be extracted from Pelles libraries or MS VC.  64-bit libraries can be created from DLLs since they are not decorated.


For what need ?

Easy. The Masm32 and Asmc packages are providing their own import library sets. UASM could provide the same system.

A quick example, here is how to extract the def files from import libraries and regenerating them :

The DOS batch file creating the .def files :

--- Code: ---For %%a IN (\PellesC\lib\Win\*.lib) Do @( \PellesC\bin\Polib.exe /MACHINE:x86 /MAKEDEF:%%~na.def %%~fa  )
--- End code ---

The batch file creating the import libraries :

--- Code: ---For %%a IN (*.def) Do @( \PellesC\bin\Polib.exe /MACHINE:x86 /DEF:%%a /OUT:%%~na.lib )
--- End code ---

Adding the .def files and the necessary batch files to the UASM package would do the job.

I forgot that I created this, which might be useful: https://github.com/mrfearless/Dll2Def. Could include that with any distribution and run a batch file with commands to create the .def files then convert the .def to .lib

Dll2Def supports * wildcard. I think i coded it to support x64 dll's as well.


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