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debugging in source mode with Uasm and jwasm


Here two samples using the same source code.using region
One use Jwasm and allow to debug in source mode             http://luce.yves.pagesperso-orange.fr/SourceCode/region_jwasm.zip
One use uasm   and failed to follow the source after the breakpoint.   http://luce.yves.pagesperso-orange.fr/SourceCode/region_uasm.zip
With windbg ,F11 just after the breakpoint,the goal is to follow Create_Image_Objet and see the code of this prog.
The editmasm.ini show wich debugging options are in use.
Mixed langage project in revision.
The debug.pro give the options in use for windbg.

Hi TouEnMasm,

try to take asmс - https://github.com/nidud/asmc/archive/refs/heads/master.zip
how will it be in this case ..

My ide (editmasm) allow to use asmc.So i have made fastly the experiment.
asmc claim he don't want of the Zi8 option and then when compiled do the same thing as uasm,failed to follow the proc after the breaking.
perhaps a new version will give differents results,I will verify that.
Same thing with the last version


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