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unicode support on older OS?

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I tried different ways of have lots of buttons,so I was thinking try use buttons in a game,maybe need import icons,if not all OS support the unicodes for the game
chessboard with pieces,card games
and if I want for example make chess game I need lots of icons instead if not supported
15-game also possible,16buttons =1-15 randomly shuffled and one space open
could you please test if these work in some texteditor?

--- Code: ---♕♜

🂮 🂾 🃎 🃞
🂭 🂽 🃍 🃝
🂠 🂿 🃏 🃟

🃠 🃡 🃢 🃣

🃤 🃥 🃦 🃧

🃨 🃩 🃪 🃫

🃬 🃭 🃮 🃯
🃰 🃱 🃲 🃳

🃴 🃵
--- End code ---

Notepad with Segoe UI Symbol font works.
Only 13 images on Notepad with default Consolas font.

It's not only the OS. It's also the font used.

MS UI Gothic have lot of typefaces.
Character Map is useful for that.


So if I set font that works, it's maybe foolproof to use chess pieces,playing cards on buttons?
And mix chess pieces with light and dark icons, +highlight color

I cant get my background brown and yellow icons work together with unicode text
otherwise does this work on your system?
or is it just showing '?'s or a square instead?
newer version again,again


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