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what cpu to use


I have a new Abit KW7 motherboard that I bought in case a replacement was ever needed for my girlfriend's PC, she has recently passed away and was wondering if I could use an Intel Xeon E5-2620 Processor in the board
the board has a 462 / A socket so the CPU should fit but will it work?

A Xeon E5-26?? uses an X99 socket so unless its an X99 board, it won't fit. I would check with the board manufacturer to see what processors can be used with it.

Have a look here.

It takes old AMD processors.

yes, I somehow got the notion from the part number that it would fit, but it looks like the best bet is an Atlon XP CPU
I was hoping for 64-bit CPU


If you look around, I have seen reasonably modern AMD boards that take reasonable priced AMD processors that often go for really low cost. Don't be afraid of second hand AMD processors, as long as they are in good nick, they will work just fine.

The X99 boards are hard to get and really expensive and while they run the E5 family of Xeons, you only see the advantage when you use a high core count. I have 2 12 core E5-2690s and while they really hoot with multi-thread work, they are nothing exciting for general purpose computing and the combined package of board and processor is too expensive.

check for enough SSE2 or more support on your AMD cpu,otherwise its hard to get newer OS installed
I have one AMD box,that is stuck on winXP because of that
but pros its faster with old legacy fpu code compared to intel


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