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I just found a good priced Xeon E5 2690v3

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I already have a couple of these and you use them for large data crunching but I have a spare box that I built to replace my old timer but it refuses to die and works perfectly so I might convert the spare box into another 12 core data muncher.

great :thumbsup:
do you gonna write 24 thread program to match it?

Hi Hutch,

I have i9-10900, let us compare our performance  :badgrin: :biggrin: :thup:

You should have a lot of fun with that, I just had a quick look at the specs, 10 cores, 20 threads and 5.2 gig turbo. Now what will be interesting is how many cores it can run at 5.2 gig. The Xeon is a server CPU and will run 24 threads at near 100% for hours. I already have one that I use for multi-thread data crunching and it will run the 12 cores at 3 gig. I run a large liquid cooler with it and thrashing it, it runs at just over 50c.

If you are putting it into a desktop, make sure you over cool it, there are some very good liquid coolers available and if you can keep the temperature down, you will get higher performance for longer. Let me know how it turns out, should be a real rocket if you set it up correctly.

My old i7, a 5820k is designed to be overclocked and I run it at a conservative 4 gig which is higher than its default 3.3 gig and it will peak at about 65c running  6 cores, 12 threads at near 100%.

@LiaoMi :thumbsup:
what do you use it for except assembler?3d apps rendering,animation,video editing?
many hipoly 3d models,with several hires textures ,rendering needs some grunt


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