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Atermiter revisited


I waited for a month for another Gigabyte X99 board which turned up last week. After wasting nearly 2 days on it where it crashed and crashed, I gave up on it and did a rebuild of some of the Atermiter X99 box. Used the old water cooler from my 6 year old main box, 4 x 8 gig 2400 memory modules and as I had bought 2 x 4tb HDDs for the failed board, I plonked them in as well.

12 core Xeon works fine, 3.0 gig on all 12 cores and with the old water cooler, it idles just over ambient at around 25 - 30c and I have it finished and can clean up the clutter from working on multiple computers.

Sounds good. The machine will probably bring you considerable relief at work.

Great :thumbsup:
Now you can fire 24 asm missiles SIMT  :greenclp:
With development, this your main box and the rest is connected thru lan,or fastest wifi?


Just to make you laugh, my main dev box (the old one) is up and running again, I bought 64 gig of memory to replace the remaining 6 year old modules and had 2 more 16 gig modules so I plonked them in as well and the old box now has 96 gig of new memory. I still have to replace the 2 noisy front fans and work out how to mount the rear radiator but it runs perfectly.

I am currently using its replacement which is close to identical but its a completely new box and it is stunningly quiet. I have most of my old box copied over to it but there is going to be bits and pieces to keep copying as the old box has 6 years of collections in it.

I use a normal 1 gigabit network, a 24 port unmanaged switch near the router and a small 5 port switch in the room where I work. I have a couple of antiques plugged into the network as well but they rarely ever get used, an old i7 box set up with Linux Mint as a dead storage server via a Samba server and I have one XP machine that I keep for a flatbed scanner and a digital microscope.

I am getting tired of fixing computers at the moment, wasted 2 days on the dud Gigabyte board doing messy diagnostics and gave up, rebuilt the Atermiter and have the 4 that I need. 2 x i7 5820k and 2 x Xeon E5-2690v3 12 cores.


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