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Hallelujah, they are all finished !

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Just finished off the cleanup up of my old box, the 2 front fans had got noisy and when I pulled the can apart, there was the mountain of crap packed all around the fans and into the disks behind them. Cleaned it all out, cleaned the 2 old fans but they were still rattly so I replaced them with a couple of "Deep Cool" leftover fans and suddenly it became quiet.

Dug out the two side covers that had not been on the case for years, scrubbed them up and put them on and it now looks like a computer again and is really quiet. The Atermiter is finished so I am "free at last".  :biggrin:


--- Quote from: hutch-- on October 22, 2021, 03:21:37 PM ---The Atermiter is finished so I am "free at last".  :biggrin:

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My experience is: You can only ever pray and hope when you have to fiddle with the hardware. That costs nerves.

I am OK with hardware, its just the amount of work to get it all running OK but with the old box, I have just done a clean install of Win10 as the last install was the first one 6 years ago and over time it picked up a few glitches so a clean install solves the problem. Its just that I have to configure it all again and de-crap it so I can find my way around it again.

Ah, the joys of decrapping Win10. Spent a fair bit of time getting all of the boxes talking to each other via Microsoft networking (mutter ...) and have been reinstalling heaps of software. Fortunately much of it does not need to be reinstalled, I just have to find it all but I am starting to get there. With a computer that I have been using for 6 years, there is a massive amount of stuff on it so there is much to find again yet. :eusa_pray:

Its been good though, the old box runs like a new one, the old accumulated glitches have all disappeared with the fresh install of the OS and so far everything works.

For the new box I am currently using, the can did not have an extra 5 1/4 slot for a DVD writer as I needed two removable disk holders so I bought a USB LG DVD writer that seems to work fine. I would like to get all of this chyte finished so I can go back to what I normally do, write software and process video. You can get really tired of hardware an OS configuration.


--- Quote from: hutch-- on October 25, 2021, 10:38:15 PM ---You can get really tired of hardware an OS configuration.

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That's right. Does decluttering the operating system really do that much?


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