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In the FreeBasic Runtime Library test topic guga posted references to BCX

In late 2019 Mr Bcx (Kevin Diggins) took over the reins of BCX after many years watching from the sidelines.
The changes are monumental.
In the past (way back) I had forked BCX -> bc9Basic so I could add items I wanted.
Mr BCX fixed the BCX Preprocessor Directive $PP so now I can add just about anything I want without modifying BCX.

I see the BCX Forum has a new member, the one the only "Vortex"

A plug here for my BcxAdp

BcxAdp is an Application Development Platform for BCX, a Basic to c/c++ translator.
Everything you need is included except the c/c++ compiler of your choice.
My compiler of choice is Microsoft c++ Visual Studio but several others are supported

The foundation of this Platform is a modified version of the FreeBasic Editor FbEdit written by KetilO.



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Excellent  James.

Good to know you are reviving the project. I really liked BCX and the efforts Kevin did with it.
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