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Lucky with a pair of donated loudspeakers

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On my main box I use a 100 watt RMS stereo amplifier and for many years use a pair of speakers that I rebuilt something like 20 years ago. I noticed I was only getting one channel so I did the normal diagnostics and found one of the speakers had lost its base driver. I opened the speaker box and the wiring was still sound so it was the base speaker that had clapped out and only after 20 or so years.  :tongue:

Some years ago I inherited a pair of bookshelf speakers from someone who was moving out of the area so I fished them out, dusted them off and found they were a pair of good quality TEAC speakers. Wired them up and they work surprisingly well. I may buy a matching pair of 8 inch base drivers and repair the old pair of speakers but there is no great need to do so.

No speakers here, only headphones.

I'm using an ASUS Xonar Essence STX HiFi sound card. It has an integrated headphone amplifier and one can connect hesadphones via 6,3mm chinch up to 600 Ω. Best sound card ever!

Unfortunately this card is not available on the market anymore, so it has to last the next 100 years or so ...

You are lucky you can use headphones, they make my head ache. I have cleaned up the old speaker boxes and I am waiting for a pair of 8 inch base driver speakers. The old speaker boxes cleaned up OK so they are worth putting some new speakers in. While I was at it I needed another power amp so I added that as well.  :biggrin:

I have some old speakers with subwoofer set for computer, too much watt are a sure way to get evicted, not like old days car stereo with big bass speakers and many 100 watts, you could feel bass beat in your body
Best way I use headphones for gaming,  not disturb anyone when times fly and suddenly it's late night,good surprise new laptop also support Bluetooth, better than risk wired headphones accidentally drag laptop drop in the hard floor when needing to pause gaming for eat and drink
Had 6 channel sound card on my old box,enough for surround sound, but I never used it

I have an old Yamaha home theatre amplifier 7 channels, 90w per channel, or 200 W per channel stereo with OR speakers and swedish made pianofortes subwoofer, 200 W, a collectors dream, in perfect condition.
My set can provide 98 db in living room.
So, when i lisiten Chris's The Road To Hell, i can really feel that.
AudioPro subwoofers 200W is propably now collection stuff.


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