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I am getting wiser ?


I have 1 box set up as an Apache server and while it worked OK most of the time, the assigned IP kept changing. After p*ssing around with the Windows technique of setting an IP manually which just would not work,

I left it to automatic DHCP and went to the router that with a little exploring, had the option to reserve an IP to a particular MAC address. BINGO, it all worked correctly and I can reliably access the server from any machine.

The Microsoft reference data would have to be labelled as "obscure" = does not work etc ....

Hi Hutch,

--- Quote ---the assigned IP kept changing.
--- End quote ---

This is not usual. What's the IP lease time in the settings of the DHCP server?

Without digging it up, I think its 24 hours but setting the IP in the router solved the problem and funny enough, when I changed the browser link in one edition of Slimjet, the Google sync fixed it in all of the browsers. I don't think there is a technique to set up a domain name server on a LAN of Win10 machines and I don't want to use an external providor.


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