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UEFI UAsm64 ObjAsm

Started by HSE, April 09, 2022, 07:53:46 AM

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I find it odd that your machine behaves so differently than mine.
I've noticed that on my machine, even if I don't unplug the USB stick from the machine, the disk ID doesn't always stay the same after I boot the machine
In this situation I was forced to rebuild the USB.vmdk file.
After doing this several times, I got 2 files with the same disk id. I compared these 2 files and noticed that the referenced UUIDs had also changed, so only one of the files was working correctly in this session.

Nonetheless, it now works and I can boot the EFI binaries, which is a big step forward.  :cool:



Thanks to HSE who did a great job I was finally able to run the translated UEFI Multiprocessor Demo by Daryl McDaniel (06/2010).
I've made some changes to the ObjAsm startup sequence and I think we need to discuss how best to integrate UEFI support.
This will come next  :cool:



Equations in Assembly: SmplMath