MASM32 SDK Version 11 Downloads
This version is for NT based systems from WIN2000 upwards. The oldest recommended Windows version is XP SP3 as many of the binaries in the MASM32 SDK require RGB/A support. The SDK will run on Win2000 but some of the graphics will not display properly.
You may select any server to download the masm32 SDK but you may get a faster download by selecting one that is closer to where you live.
Australia 1
For programmers in Australia, China, South East Asia and the Pacific region.

Eastern Europe
Bogdan Ontanu's site in Romania with information about his Solar_Os and Solar_Asm, an advanced new assembler he is developing.
Western Europe
The CodingCrew site for Programmers in Germany and Western Europe with German language support.
NB: The 'link' to the Latest version. Version 11 appears to Not be working.
US Site 1
For American and international programmers from around the world.
NB: This Mirror will not be available after July 2024
NOTE on the version of MASM supplied in the MASM32 SDK.
The versions supplied will write code that works correctly on Windows operating systems from Win95 OEM up to the current versions of Windows. As the Microsoft binaries date from the middle Win98 era, they do not support the later SSE, AVX and AVX2 instruction sets. For the advanced programmer already experienced in using MASM, it is advisable to obtain the appropriate SDK or Visual C/Studio version from Microsoft for the operating system version they are using so that they can use the later instruction sets in advanced code.