Last updated on 17 May 2021


Tools for Windows programming - Coder Studio
A dedicated section on the MASM32 forum by Manos to discuss about the w32cc and Orange C Compilers. The forum invites also coders who are interested in various programming tools.

ExitPE V1.1 Command line tool to shutdown \ reboot Windows PE
Tool designed especially for Windows PE 1.x series to end session or reboot the system. ExitPE is not intended for normal Windows installations as it does not notify the applications.

Volume shadow copy creator for Windows XP \ Server 2003 \ 7 V1.0
The volume shadow copy feature is a service to make a consistent backup of a volume. vscopy can create and access volume shadow copies to backup locked files.

DLL to Solar Assembler include file converter V1.1
dll2solinc creates SolAsm specific include files from DLLs. The include files are generated to be used with SolAsm's direct PE32 file output capacity.

Binary to resource file ( .res ) converter V1.0
bin2res converts a binary file to a .res file to embed binary data into executables. The tool works like a simple resource compiler converting binary files to custom resource data.

Binary to MS COFF object file converter V1.0
bin2coff converts any kind of binary file to linkable MS COFF object file. The binary data embedded in the resulting object file is declared with a label name.

DLL to module definition file & include file converter V1.4
Dll2inc is designed to create module definition & include files from C run-time DLLs such as msvcrt.dll and crtdll.dll
To avoid naming conflicts with the original MASM keywords, a macro named cinvoke is designed to call C functions.
The creation of import libraries from C run-time DLLs is very easy, check the attachment to see how to do it with Pelle's powerfull librarian Polink.

Module definition file to MS COFF import library converter V1.2
def2lib converts a module definition file to the corresponding import library.

MS COFF import library to module definition file converter V2.2
lib2def converts MS COFF import libraries to module definition files. lib2def accepts wildcards like *.lib

MS COFF import library to MASM / POASM / FASM / LZASM / SOLASM include file converter V2.4.3
lib2inc converts MS COFF import libraries to include files. The tool has a switch to set the global calling convention to STDCALL lib2inc accepts wildcards like *.lib

MS COFF Object file to module definition file converter V1.01
objdef is designed to create module definition files from MS COFF object modules. The tool reads the code section of an object file and extracts the exported functions to create module definition files.

MS COFF Object file undecorator V1.1
undecor.exe undecorates a MS COFF object file. It operates like the following :

_ExitProcess@4 is converted to ExitProcess
_wsprintfA is converted to wsprintfA
__imp__ExitProcess@4 is converted to __imp_ExitProcess
__imp__wsprintfA is converted to __imp_wsprintfA

This tool can be used to link object files with import libraries containing undecorated symbols. This kind of import libraries can be created directly from DLLs with Pelle's polib or def2lib.

MS COFF Directive section creator V1.0
makedirsect creates MS COFF object files with various linker directives to specify import libraries, entry points and exported symbols. This tool intends to support Masm with .drectve sections created externally. The object file created by makedirsect should be linked together with the other project object files to build the final executable / DLL

Module definition file to MASM \ POASM \ JWASM include file converter V2.1
def2inc converts module definition files to MASM \ POASM include files containing function prototypes. def2inc accepts wildcards like *.def

Resource to object file converter V1.0
Replacing my old tool res2bin, res2obj extracts binary resource templates from compiled resource ( .res ) files and converts them to MS COFF object files. These templates can be used to build smaller executables as the final PE wouldn't contain a rsrc section. Res2obj supports also pure binary data file ( .bin ) output.

Originally, this tool is designed to scan for external functions in Fasm source codes. It finds out all these functions and creates a listing file necessary to build the import section. Later, I decided to extend the features of my tool to use with other assemblers such MASM and HLA. The scanner checks the system DLLs to determine all the valid external functions found at the source files.

MASM to FASM include file converter V1.06
inc2inc converts MASM include files to FASM include files. The conversion is limited with function prototypes.

Tiny C run-time startup library for Pelles C
A tiny C run-time startup library coded with POASM reducing the size of executables. The library is designed with the minimal structure to handle only command line parameters. The command line parser can process double quoted parameter, plus items separated by tab characters