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Shortages at the stores

Started by Magnum, March 14, 2020, 02:49:53 AM

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Oh I coughed. Guess I'll hand over my freedom to the government! Seriously, Americans have become cowards..


it seems like the shit has hit the fan


Quote from: BugCatcher on March 18, 2020, 11:10:48 PMAmericans have become cowards

Sure :thumbsup:

Mortality rate is about 10% among men aged 70 and more (and almost everybody will be infected). Don't worry, be happy :bgrin:



It does not seem reasonable to underestimate this disease. I still do not know cases in my environment, but it seems that the hospitals are full. That is its strong point: its rapid contagion, which causes saturation in hospitals, which is very bad because anyone who needs hospital care can die due to lack of resources. In addition, its mortality rate in the elderly or with previous pathologies exceeds 10%, which equates it with the Spanish flu.

The best thing would have been to have closed borders, but this is associated with the right and here nobody wants to be associated with the right, so that idea was rejected by retrograde. It's already inside. And once that happens and it starts to expand it's hard to stop.

On top of that, when you isolate people, you stop the country's productive capacity. When we realize it, we will have destroyed the economy and most unemployed.


reminds me of poes "mask of the red death" very good read btw


Another thing that strikes me is that it seems that everyone works with the hypothesis of the best assumption: that the problem lasts a short time. So they spend huge amounts of resources trying to prevent companies from closing or firing workers. However, from what I have read this disease is here to stay and an effective vaccine is not expected in several months. In addition, this RNA virus mutates like a flu, so the vaccine can be ineffective in a short time.

As I see it, politicians work short because they are used to it and so far it has worked. There are much more lethal diseases, but this covid I think has shown the shortcomings of a society that believed itself above all else, with its hospitals, nanotechnology, etc. and the stupidities of well-fed people with a lot of free time.


it has been suggested it may become seasonal like the flu


Quote from: anunitu on March 19, 2020, 04:39:29 AM
reminds me of poes "mask of the red death" very good read btw
It remainds me to the next films:


and the The Andromeda Strain


Quote from: caballero on March 19, 2020, 03:57:11 AM

On top of that, when you isolate people, you stop the country's productive capacity. When we realize it, we will have destroyed the economy and most unemployed.

You are  right about the economy being wiped out.

Where I live in the U.S, bars, restaurants(except for take out) ,movie theaters, and churches are closed.

And a lot of other stores are closed too.

That's millions without jobs. People that are not working are also cutting way back on spending.

And the stimulus package Congress is working on.

Where's that money coming from?

This will be a great learning experience.


Take care,



> Where's that money coming from?
From nowhere. They will print money as if there is no tomorrow. There are already hyperinflation experiences in this regard, for example in Germany. Although we have been doing this for years since the 2008 crisis and nothing seems to have changed. I think it is because all the big economic blocks do the same and, therefore, the ratio between productivity and produced money remains equivalent between all of them.

I don't know what will happen, but logically I think the economic problem is going to be greater than the blissful covid-19. Everything is being stoped with layoffs everywhere. Is the state going to be able to bear all of this? Who will produce? If there is no production, there will be scarcity and therefore robbery. This could work in the event that all this was fixed in a short time, but if the problem lasts for several months ...

No one has a plan B? What future will we leave for out children?


Another danger is the use of genetic vaccines, which are not very confiable. There are already places where laws are being passed to vaccinate people on a mandatory basis.


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