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Suitable / best new description ??

Started by stoo23, May 08, 2024, 11:44:51 AM

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You know, considering there are some fine examples of it on the forum, such as here:

I'm wondering whether you ever had the audacity and temerity to challenge Hutch's use of 'Scary Quotes' ??
Yes, I have edited that post, but the quotation marks were already in place and were by Hutch'.

I'm kinda thinking you probably didn't,... least I can imagine Hutch's response if you had  :wink2:  :dazzled:  :biggrin:


Quote from: stoo23 on May 08, 2024, 05:09:25 PMBecause I have an account, I could go there and Select the image via Share, which gives me a whole bunch of choices:

Interesting :thumbsup:

Without an account see reply #23, Re PostImage: no account needed, the trick is...


QuoteWithout an account see reply #23, Re PostImage: no account needed, the trick is...
OK, cool, I missed that 'gem' of info' amongst all the Punctuation Lessons ...  :joking:



Yes, call it "Hutch's memorial" or something like that.
Assembly language programming should be fun. That's why I do it.


QuoteYes, call it "Hutch's memorial" or something like that.
Yeah, OK, ... I have already created some Sub-Forums and Moved some stuff into them:
Hutch's Builds & Testing
In Memory of Hutch'

Though in No way relating purely to his code etc.

I guess with relevance to Timo's suggestion, there would have to be some reference to Hutch's PowerBASIC work, (let alone any other material) such as the whole MASM32 SDK enchilada and the MASM64 SDK stuff !!

If we are to do this, ... properly, then I will obviously need help and/or guidance as to What exactly and where etc.
Probably needs a bit of thought and discussion .. in an appropriately created thread  :smiley:

NB: I have created a specific 'thread', here:
Hutch's Legacy Section discussions