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Title: Visual Studio Express 2013 batch file
Post by: jcfuller on October 23, 2013, 01:03:15 AM
This is the batch file I am using to compile c/c++ code with VS 12 (aka Visual Studio Express 2013)
There was an update to C99 for "c" source although I primarily test with c++11 code.
I have not really beat on it as my distros of choice are TDM-GCC or NUWEN

  VS2013.BAT SoureFileName(no extension) [-m32 or -m64] [ con gui dll obj] [release or debug]
The release debug is optional and will default to release

Code: [Select]
REM Note that this bat will compile either .cpp or .c sources.
REM it checks for .cpp first and if you happen to have a .cpp file even though you want
REM .c the .cpp will be used. Delete a .cpp before you translate to a .c source

REM get just file name. RadAsm3 passes complete path with non project files
REM Note: because FN is set using %F% with quotes no need for quoted %FN%
REM ----------------------------
 SET F=%~nx1
REM ----------------------------
REM See if we have a .cpp or a .c source
IF EXIST "%F%.cpp" (
  SET FN="%F%.cpp"
  GOTO start
REM NO .cpp? check for a .c
IF NOT EXIST "%F%.c" GOTO usage
SET FN="%F%.c"
REM For use with InsertOptArg below (bc9Basic)


IF [%2]==[] GOTO usage
IF [%3]==[] GOTO usage

REM param 4 -> Debug or Release

IF [%BUILD%]==[] SET BUILD=Release

IF /I [%2] == [-m32] (
  GOTO gotit
IF /I [%2] == [-m64] (
  SET XTYPE=x86_amd64


REM do the setup for paths and 32/64
CALL "%VS120COMNTOOLS%..\..\VC\vcvarsall.bat" %XTYPE%

IF /I [%3] == [CON] (
  SET FTYPE="Windows Console App"

IF /I [%3] == [GUI] (
  SET FTYPE="Windows Gui App"

IF /I [%3] == [DLL] (
  SET FTYPE="a Windows DLL"

IF /I [%3] == [OBJ] (
  SET FTYPE="a Windows Object File"

REM --------------------------------------------------------------
REM always use the %F%.rc file in the Res Directory if it exists
REM this should handle both projects and individual files with resources

IF EXIST "res\%F%.rc" (
  ECHO Compiling resources.....
  cd res
  Rc "%F%"
  SET VRES="res\%F%.res"
  cd ..
) ELSE (
  IF EXIST "%F%.rc" (
    ECHO Compiling resources.....
    Rc "%F%"
    SET VRES="%F%.res"
REM For use with bc9Basic
REM Insert optional arguments for "c" source
REM IF [%CFIX%]==[1] InsertOptArg %FN% -vc

REM --------------------------------------------------------------
ECHO Compiling %FN% To %FTYPE%
REM the first compile/link creates a .def file which we use in a
REM  second call to add undecorated function names to the dll.
IF /I [%3]==[DLL] (
  cl.exe  %FN% %VRES% /EHsc /MT /link /DLL /OUT:"%F%.dll"
  REM add undecorated function names to the dll only on 32 bit
  IF /I [%XTYPE%]==[x86] (
    IF EXIST "%F%.def" (
      cl.exe /LD "%F%.obj" %VRES% "%F%.def"
  GOTO cleanup

IF /I [%3]==[OBJ] (
  cl.exe  /c /O1 /Gd /W1 /EHsc /MT %FN% %WIN_VER% %5 %6 %7 %8
  GOTO cleanup

REM Console and gui
cl.exe  /O1 /Gd /W1 /EHsc /MT  %FN% /Fe"%F%.EXE" %WIN_VER% %VRES% %SUBSYSTEM% %5 %6 %7 %8

ECHO Finished!
IF /I NOT [%3]==[OBJ] (
IF EXIST "%F%.obj" del "%F%.obj"
IF EXIST "%F%.res" del "%F%.res"
GOTO done
ECHO **************************************************************
ECHO  Usage:  VS2013.BAT MainFile  [-m32  -m64] [con  gui  dll obj] extra files
ECHO  Note:   ExtraFiles can be .libs, .res , .obj
ECHO **************************************************************