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Title: How to successfully join the masm forum.
Post by: hutch-- on May 21, 2012, 05:51:12 PM
The masm forum is subject to an ever escalating spam bot problem where spammers from around the world use IP addresses and email addresses from many diferent countries to keep trying to join this forum to post a variety of spam like porn, cheap loans, drug advertising, porn graffiti, software for sale of illegal origin and many other variations. There are a variety of mechanisms in place to deal with the problem but occasionally it deletes genuine members who have joined for the assembler programming purpose that the forum caters for.

To help the admin determine that you are a human being and not an automated spam bot or a spammer we need new members to do a couple of things to make these decisions easier.

1. Use a human sounding name, not a name that looks like a random word or name generator.

2. If possible use your own email address, not a proxy type from free email providers as this is a common technique used by spammers and spam bots.
(Note that you can set your email address in your user profile so it is not displayed to other members or the public.)

3. ALWAYS make a posting as soon as you have confirmed your membership by responding to the email that the forum software sends you. This is the final most reliable method of determining a valid human being and not a spam bot.

4. Do NOT use a PM to the ADMIN as your posting, you need to make a posting in the open forum so that we can determine you are a person and not a spam bot. A PM to ADMIN without an open forum posting will result in account deletion.

Without a clear method of determining if a membership join is from a real person, we have no choice but to delete a new membership to protect our members from the sum total of trash that spammers will post if they can get away with it.