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Started by Magnum, January 30, 2013, 11:10:31 PM

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A lot was going on when my Malware Defender popped up and asked Allow or Deny Process.

I said Deny and Kill to Services.exe.  :dazzled:

3 finger salute didn't help and it looked like it was in limbo.

Had to pull my battery to restart it.


I think I will look in Task Manager and make a rule for those important o.s. programs
Take care,



services.exe is a fun one - lol
it's very much a "multi-functional" program
some instances that are running are necessary - some are not
it isn't easy to look at the task manager and know which are which

of course, the correct way to disable these is through the administrative tools services snap-in
but - i don't always want them disabled
generally, i want my machine to run the services it's supposed to
sometimes, i want to minimize background services for a specific task, though

i've found that i can usually identify them by PID order   :P
when you open the task manager, you can organize the running processes by name
the second sort key seems to be the PID
sometimes there is one with a very low PID that i can terminate
then (in PID order), there is one for system, network, system, local
those 4 must be running
the ones that have higher PID's can all be terminated
that is for XP media center 2005
i am sure it differs from version to version, and depends on what you have installed

if you have sqlsrvr running one of them will be persistant
you terminate it, and it pops back up
the same is true for a few other "temporarily unneeded" apps (windows update, etc)
so, terminate the unwanted apps, first
then clean up the services instances