Author Topic: Visual C++ 6.0 Processor Pack that has ML.EXE version 6.15 not available  (Read 10027 times)


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Microsoft official site does not provide this download anymore. Users should go to Masm site owners should change Historical Versions Of MASM page to not fool anyone more  :)


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You should not rely too strongly on Google translate, young friend. What do you want to tell us?


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if you want that specific version of masm, there are a couple places to get it

1) older Kip Irvine library distributions
2) Iczelion's download page - and there is a patch, too

you could probably google "masm 6.15 download" and get a million hits - lol


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What do you want to tell us?

That's a very interesting question. Let's see.

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Hi DjJeshk,

You can get the later versions of ml.exe shipped with the Visual Studio packages.