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I'm new here and new to Intel x86 assembler programming - although not to assembler programming in general.

The message at the end of installation says "please make a point of reading the text file if you are new to MASM32 as it contains useful hints on how to configure and use the MASM32 SDK."  But I have been unable to find such a text file.

I also have not been able to find what I would consider "getting started" material.  What's the general structure of an assembler program?  What are those .statements (e.g. ".data") about?  What's the syntax of the "print" statement?  (Which I guessed was a macro but it doesn't appear in the  Macro Reference.)

So I would appreciate any help in finding that text file and in locating getting started material.

Thanks,  Bob


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Hi Bob,

The text file was displayed in the editor at the end of the installation. To read it again open "intro.txt" in the masm32 directory. Try the help files on the help menu for much of the easiest data to get, then you can look at the tutorials branched off the masm32 directory.

Just note that the MASM32 SDK is not a beginners development environment, it is targeted at people who already know how to use a low level compiler and are familiar with the Windows API functions.
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hi Bob - welcome to the forum

in the masm32\help folder, there are CHM files to help get you started
and, in the masm32\examples folder - many simple program examples
also check out the masm32\tutorials folder

let us know if you have specific questions


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welcome to the forum.

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