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[PHP]Trace line
« on: April 14, 2015, 07:59:29 PM »
I planned to convert this to MASM, but not yet had the time, Its been a years I did not touch MASM again. If anyone interested on studying Image analysis and machine learning Im making a line tracer that had no noise. But unfortunately for some of you, Im only prototyping it on PHP. But if any of you interested to convert it to MASM, if you please, please post it in here for other to use. I hope by that initiative we can trigger the advancement of robotic era.

How the code works is simple. As you might know, our world having an unlimited range of possibility. When a light reached to our eyes, its digital value range is gigantic, by our newest techonology, that value was defined as 4 billions value(32-bit). I dont know about human brain, when I handling such a range, I simplify that huge range to a much simpler value. When we convert 24-bit picture to 8-bit picture, rawly, we can see the shading color graduation clearly. That gradient color is color which changed from edge to edge gradualy. We cant see the edge of a color fron an object on our real life because the different between each edge is too smal, but by reducing the color space, we can see the color graduation because it was removed from the picture. By such a gap on the color graduation, our brain detect such a things as base color. If you run the script you will see what I mean.

If you find this interesting and willing to contribute, would you mind to focusing your time on line connection analysis, our brain worked by associating each connected line. Maybe you can make a short paper on blogspot or something where people can read it?

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