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Not a bug.. but a question :)

Started by K_F, August 06, 2015, 05:47:20 PM

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I've made changes to my files.. and recompiled with this error. : error A2008: syntax error : mov

Is this an internal syntax error or my problem. So far I haven't seen any problems with my MOV instructions.. but I'll carry on looking :)
Maybe it's an idea not to delete these temp files so one can track the problems easier.


Edt: Narrowed it down this this module.. maybe I'm going blind!!  :icon_eek:
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'Yes, they are.. aren't they....'



There is a ton of code in that file. What kind of project are you working on (console, visual, etc) ?
Because I cant compile it by itself. Maybe you should post the line(s) of code with the error as A2008 normally means you messed up  ;)


I agree
I's a little difficult,to follow the problem
You speak of a problem in : error A2008: syntax error : mov
and you give winfft.ecw ?
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Ja.. it's a fairly large project.. This is one of 15 modules.
This doesn't seem to be a coding problem but something peculiar to EC.

Before I started making changes to this module, it compiled OK.. and thought Ramon might have a clue.

If I remove this module.. EC compiles normally (with the errors related to this missing module)
With this modified module the error pops up... the error changes wrt to what I comment out too.

But it's always the file, which is a temporary file created on compiling - which makes me think it's internal to EC.

If it's OK with you guys... I'd prefer to keep the whole project under wraps for the time being.. thus I only uploaded the problem module.
I'll work on it... no choice really!! :icon_mrgreen:
'Sire, Sire!... the peasants are Revolting !!!'
'Yes, they are.. aren't they....'


Hi K_F,

Sorry for the inconveniences!

The temporary file just includes the "externdef" sentences for variables and procedures from other modules. As it is created for every window/module to be compiled, it is always rewritten when there is more than one window/module.

However, I have seen an error in the WinFFT.ecw file you attach but I do not have the whole project so I do not know whether that is the problem. There is the CreateWinsFilter procedure in line 4274:

CreateWinsFilter      Proc   ptr_DataLO:Dword, ptr_DataHI:Dword, <---- note the final comma

EC thinks there are more parameters because of the comma and links (joins?) the next line. I will try to control this, but at the moment you should remove that comma and try again.

Hope it can help!


EC coder


Yup.. I'm as blind as a bat... :icon_redface:
Thanks Ramon...

I knew I was being stupid somewhere.. just couldn't see it !!
Sorry to be a pest.. :biggrin:
'Sire, Sire!... the peasants are Revolting !!!'
'Yes, they are.. aren't they....'


That's great! I'm glad you solved the problem!

The question is that is compiled before the module, that is why it fires the error first. In a classic project, that is, without, the ml.exe compiler would fire the error at the wrong line. I'm trying to minimize the "ECExterns effect".


EC coder