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rbpFramePrologue -- where did is it? where did it go?

Started by markallyn, January 26, 2018, 09:14:26 AM

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Hello everyone,

I joined the 64 bit forum in late 2017.  In 2016 there were several posts that included OPTION PROLOGUE:rbpFramePrologue and a corresponding OPTIION for the epilogue.  I have tried to assemble some code that uses these OPTIONS, but the assembler kicks them out.  Moreover, I can't find them in or  Two questions:


Assuming the 2 questions are this ones: "where did is it? where did it go?"
I don't know the answer, but maybe that will help others to answer.  :idea:



Which assembler are you referring to ?

The options available should be:

OPTION PROLOGUE:PrologueDef       ;Use the default built-in prologue.
OPTION PROLOGUE:NONE                ;No prologue at all
OPTION PROLOGUE:someMacro        ;Here it would be expected that you supply a macro which receives preset parameters and is responsible for generating a prologue.

With UASM the default under 64bit is  to generate automatic prologue/epilogue using RBP.
You can then use OPTION STACKBASE:RSP/RBP to change this default behaviour in conjunction with the various OPTION WIN64:x flags to control what and how prologues are generated.

aw27 but I don't know where it is available now.


You would need to get Vasily's original files, have a look at Mikl__'s sub forum and he may have the link for it. Note that this stuff in not compatible with the system that I have built so you will have to learn Vasily's system and you have a lot of examples by Mikl__.


Hello all,

Johnsa:  Thanks for the input.  BTW, I'm using MASM ml64.exe.  32 bit masm had a default prologue option macro called FORCEFRAME, but they seem to have gone away from that in 64 bit.

AW27:  Thanks for the clarification.  I suspected that it might be in  I couldn't verify this since I don't have that file.

Hutch:  The program you wrote in 2016 called window5 was the trigger for my question, since I couldn't get it to assemble owing to the lack of the file.  Window5 was beautifully laid out and annotated and I wanted to use it as a foundation for additional functionality.  Then it wouldn't assemble...

I'm interested to see how the Prologuedef mentioned by Johnsa compares to the STACKFRAME macro you wrote.




I used the pair PrologueDef and EpilogueDef.  Program assembled without complaint.  However, it crashes after execution for want of a stack frame.  Apparently, those two macros behave as if I had done OPTION PROLOGUE:NONE and OPTION EPILOGUE:NONE.  Maybe I'm missing something?



Hi Mark, comes with this zip archive :


Hi Mark,
maybe help will be more specific if you attach asm- and bat-files to the message?