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Image display functions
« on: January 14, 2018, 02:19:59 AM »
Functions based on OLE image handling functions and COM :


    LoadImageFromFile PROC pImageFileName:DWORD

        This function loads a BMP, JPG, GIF or WMF image from disc and returns the handle to the image.

        pImageFileName is a pointer to the FULL path name of the image file to be displayed


    LoadImageFromMem PROC pImageAddr:DWORD,ImageLen:DWORD

        This function returns the handle of an image stored in memory. Valid image formats are
        BMP, JPG, GIF and WMF

        pImageAddr is a pointer to the location of the image in memory.

        ImageLen is the size of the image.

        In case of error, both of the functions will return NULL.

Source code assembled with Pelles Macro Assembler, Version 8.00.1