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Custom control demo.

Started by hutch--, February 01, 2018, 03:54:45 PM

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I have converted the test controls to library modules and have them in a test library at the moment. The demo has an image background, it displays a heading and a label, an edit control set up as a custom control and a button control and it works OK on my Win10 Professional. The only oddity is the edit control must use the handle of the static image control as it parent otherwise the image overwrites the edit control.

Any feedback on the demo would be welcome as I only have a US version of Win7 64 and Win10 64 to test on.

Once all of the testing is done the modules will be added to the masm64 library.


Working ok here. Win7 64bits

One note Hutch: People are used to press TAB after filling these forms (as I did). Maybe you could listen to tab there.

It´s all very beautiful btw


It seems to work ok here, W7 64 bits. The custom buttom is white font and changes to orange when the mouse is over it.


Take care,