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Why 64 bit MASM ?

Started by hutch--, August 08, 2018, 12:30:35 PM

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We keep hearing people trying to criticise 64 bit MASM while hardly being familiar with its power. Here are a few comments on 64 bit MASM.

(1) It is produced by the operating system vendor, Microsoft who have been supporting MASM since 1981, 37 years.
(2) It is not a warmed over 1990 version full of 16 bit junk or legacy 32 bit code, it is an assembler designed to write 64 bit Windows code only.
(3) 64 bit MASM is not a consumer product, it is a professional tool for professional programmers.
(4) It produces industry standard COFF object modules and is designed by Microsoft to be fully compatible with 64 bit Microsoft C/C++.
(5) It is not trying to be a C compiler, CL does that just fine. It is a true low level assembler.
(6) Its ancient pre-processor is capable of emulating many high level notations while still being pure assembler.
(7) 64 bit MASM supports AVX, SSE, MMX, FP, normal 64 bit and 32 bit registers and variable for 64 bit /LARGEADDRESSAWARE code.
[8] As the pretenders come and go and the code you write is wasted, MASM has been supported for as long as Microsoft have existed.

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