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Web help URL changed!

Started by jj2007, May 13, 2019, 08:54:25 PM

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My stupid email provider has decided to stop the associated services, in particular the web space that I always used for additional resources, e.g. for images (as we all know, Hutch is not happy about embedding fat image files here, and rightly so :P)

As a consequence, I cannot access these pages, e.g. is obsolete stuff, same for

The good news is that I now have an own domain for e.g. and


Congratulations on getting a personal domaine!  :eusa_dance:


Nice sites  :icon14: Did you write the pages too? (i mean the html or whatever was used)


Yes. I used to be fluent in DHTML & Javascript, and a bit of PHP, but that's a long time ago. These pages are very simple static HTML.