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Started by fearless, July 08, 2019, 07:43:40 AM

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I updated my progress bar control


The control can be downloaded via the ModernUI repository or downloaded directly from this link:


I created an example project to demonstrate it.

The example (which includes a Radasm project) can be downloaded via the ModernUI repository or downloaded directly from this link:

The main updates is to add an optional pulse effect to the progress as its progressing, option to specify if % text is centered or follows progress bar. And a fade from red to green progress bar type. I have a few ideas to add additional features in the future perhaps and to finish adding planned features (min/max range and allowing custom step value for example, which currently are not implemented)


Interesting effect, looks great.


Hi Fearless!

You updated more than the ProgressBar I think  :biggrin:, but downloading the full package example build well  :thumbsup:
Equations in Assembly: SmplMath


Thanks guys

Got some inspiration online from these examples:

For the pulse/heartbeat effect and the follow % text:
For the fading red to green progress bar (clicking the Rapidly update button to see it):

Would like in future to make the progress bar smoother, similar to how the circle bar smoothly draws from one value to another. Requires a little bit more calculations and code to achieve it, so might get round to that at some point. I also made a gdiplus version (not currently released), to see if that made it a bit smoother just by using gdiplus - but doesnt appear to be so far.

I also just updated and uploaded the RAMUIProgressBar.dll for RadASM that incorporates visual cues on the new style settings in properties for a ModernUI_ProgressBar on a dialog: pulse (true/false), textpos (none, centre, follow) and R2G (true/false)


Yes there was a few other changes in the ModernUI repo's - started syncing more of the code from the x86 to the x64 version, started tying in some of the common painting functions for GDI DoubleBuffer, PaintFill and PaintFrame instead of each control having a lot of duplicated code in their paint routine - the ModernUI_ProgressBar is the first control to start using those functions in the ModernUI library (some of which have been around for a while, but I hadn't got round to putting them into controls). Added GDI+ doublebuffer and other primitive paint functions (still needs testing for those). Updated the radasm api.txt files for x86/x64 ModernUI and controls.