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Old SDK's and OS's

Started by sinsi, October 21, 2012, 11:12:43 AM

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Sorry for asking it, but is it legal to download MS' "Abandonware Operating Systems" ?

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Sorry for asking it, but is it legal to download MS' "Abandonware Operating Systems" ?
If it is right,anybody can offer them for free.
It's an Abandonware,you made what you want of it for free.
A free download it's not a commercial use.
Fa is a musical note to play with CL


Hi ToutEnMasm,

Can you show me MS' statement declaring that they abandoned all those operating systems? Windows 2000 is used yet by some companies, no?


It probably is illegal in some jurisdictions but having had a look through the list (much of what I have owned over time) I doubt that anyone is going to lose sleep over people playing with junk of this age. Now commercial usage or trying to resell this stuff is another matter but I doubt that's a problem here. I would be inclined to simply ignore it but we cannot have people asking for support on any of these things.    :biggrin:  :skrewy:


i see a lot of stuff in there that is going to require authentication numbers, too


I think that Steve is right: we shouldn't be more royalist than the king.

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Well, I look at it like you need a key to use some of them, without the key they're useless (unless you're a pirate yarr).
I was more interested in the old OS's and old SDK's, it's fun to write programs for win3 (speaking as a dos programmer).
You didn't need a license to use a DDK/SDK did you?

Here is somewhere to get any win7 .iso
Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO from Digital River
Claim to be official.