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NeHe Tutorial in masm64

Started by Mikl__, August 06, 2020, 12:55:45 PM

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It seems they are numerous nehe tutorials,the one i download:
my goal is to find tutorials that can be recompiled with VS2019 and run in windows 10
The 21 is one of them in 32 bits with restriction.
Fa is a musical note to play with CL




Hi Mikl!

I used your translation of Iczelion Tut 2. Look like the linker fail to find libraries, if I copy the libraries and stubby to the same directory that contain the source file there is no problem. Strange thing is, that same linker don't have problems with Hutch's package. I have to see better. 
Equations in Assembly: SmplMath


hello sir HSE;
You can try check PATH variable for your include folder;
echo %PATH%
so, append a path folder to that to be visible to system
set PATH=%PATH%;z:\some_dir\include;z:\other_dir\lib
Not sure today, I put that in autoexec.bat file in older days.
I'd rather be this ambulant metamorphosis than to have that old opinion about everything






The nehe C++ lesson have a problem,they work only under ....Visual Studio (Initialisation failed).
A good sample in 64 bit is the MSDN one,I put it here.
Fa is a musical note to play with CL


Soluce complete for the lesson21 in Windows 10 and 64 bits.
The attachment had the SOIL(soilmaster) lib in 64 bits (build in VS2019 windows 10).
Fa is a musical note to play with CL


Lesson #48: ArcBall Rotation

Wouldn't it be great to rotate your model at will, just by using the mouse? With an ArcBall you can do just that. In this tutorial we will touch on his implementation and considerations for adding ArcBall rotation to your own projects. His implementation of the ArcBall class is based on Bretton Wade's, which is based on Ken Shoemake's from the Graphic Gems series of books. However, his version has some bug fixing and optimizations. The example code was originally based on lesson 5. It has been spruced up a bit, and now includes code to render a torus, complete with normals.

  • right click ― return to the previous state of the object
  • mouse movement while holding down the left key ― rotation of objects following the cursor
There are asm\exe-files and cursor in the attachment.




In the name of everybody: thank you, Mikl, for these tutorials - they will become a reference for graphics assembly :thumbsup:




Lesson #41: Volumetric Fog and IPicture Image Loading.
Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

This tutorial will introduce you to the world of extensions. In this tutorial you will learn how to create Volumetric Fog using the glFogCoordf Extension. You will also learn how the IPicture code works, and how to use it in projects of your own. Because of very limited free time, the demo is not all that complex. The only keys used in this demo are the up and down arrow keys. The only effect displayed in this demo is volumetric fog. Keeping that in mind, the fog effect is extremely cool, and the tutorial is very detailed. After reading through this tutorial you should have no problem adding volumetric fog to demos of your own. It's important to note that this tutorial only runs on video cards that support the EXT_fog_coord extension. If you are not sure if you care supports this extension, download lesson #24 and scroll through the list of supported extensions. Hopefully someone will find this code useful!

There are asm\exe-files and cursor in the attachment.


Lesson #27: Shadows
This is an advanced tutorial. Before you decide to try out shadows, make sure you completely understand the base code, and make sure you are familiar with the stencil buffer. The effect is amazing! Shadows that actual wrap around objects, and distort on the walls and floor.

  • 'Arrow Left' Decrease yspeed
  • 'Arrow Right' Increase yspeed
  • 'Arrow Up' Decrease xspeed
  • 'Arrow Down' Increase xspeed
  • 'L' Moves Light Right
  • 'J' Moves Light Left
  • 'I' Moves Light Up
  • 'K' Moves Light Down
  • 'O' Moves Light Toward Viewer
  • 'U' Moves Light Away From Viewer
  • 'Numpad6' Move Object Right
  • 'Numpad4' move object Left
  • 'Numpad8' Move Object Up
  • 'Numpad5' Move Object Down
  • 'Numpad9' Move Object Toward Viewer
  • 'Numpad7' move Object away from viewer
  • 'D' move sphere Right
  • 'A' move sphere Left
  • 'W' move sphere Up
  • 'S' move sphere Down
  • 'E' move sphere toward viewer
  • 'Q' move sphere away from viewer
There are asm\exe-files, Object2.txt and cursor in the attachment.