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Video Frame Interpolation Tool

Started by hutch--, April 16, 2021, 10:44:22 AM

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If you are into video, one of the problems with traditional 24 fps footage is how jerky it is when horizontal panning and action shots often look like crap. A reasonably recent technique addresses that problem, between any two video frames is a gap that can be interpolated from the two frames to give an intermediate frame (or two) that changes the frame rate to much higher.

I have tested this among many other tests on good 4k@30 fps by setting the frame rate to 120 fps then slowing it down by 4 time (back to 30 fps) but the gain is super smooth slow motion with no quality loss.

Now it comes at a price, it is processor intensive and while it does not particularly overload your CPU, it is very slow as it is doing a lot of work on what appears to only be one thread so a 10 second clip gives you enough time to go and make a cup of coffee, have a cigarette or two, catch up on you sleep or whatever else you can do to idle away some time.

Speed is a lot better on 1080 footage so fixing older footage that was shot properly is viable.

To use this tool you must have a reasonably recent version of "ffmpeg" installed in the path of your computer.    :biggrin:  :skrewy: