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dinput.h for GoAsm?

Started by satpro, January 21, 2014, 06:28:59 PM

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Just a quick question.  Do we (or does anybody) have the dinput.h (dinput8.h?) header for DirectInput?  I suppose I could hand-code or use XlatHinc, but I'm a bit uncertain how to use that program, not completely understanding everything it puts out.

Thank you.


If you uncheck the three items in the xlatHinc Options menu, you will get a straight forward 32-bit Unicode translation (which wouldn't require or use the extra conditional symbols that I use to switch in the other cases). At the first dialog box press Continue, then that is almost it... I see I haven't finished an update for this, so the trailing byte portions of the GUIDs should be within their own nested <>.


That answers it all!  Thank you.  I read the readme over and over, saved the converted dinput8 header file a bunch of different ways, and was sitting here trying to figure out which one to use.  I was at the point of comparing a converted file by hand with other DX files and manually extracting (by best guess) only what I would need to get the job done.  It just so happens one of those converted files is ready to go.  :biggrin:

Thanks again.  I was wondering about the GUIDs and you answered it -- a small matter to fix.


some direct-x GUID's reside in a static lib named dxguid.lib
so, if you want to support some oddball input devices, you may have to add GUID's, or use the library